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3DO iso Star Fighter

Star FighterStarFighter3do Star Fighter

Star Fighter -- Studio 3DO
In Star Fighter, you play the part of a "FedNet Space Force" test pilot in this 3-D flight/combat game from Studio 3DO for play on the 3DO. With 60 levels to play, and many undocumented power-ups to discover, you must prove your skill to achieve the status of Ace test pilot.

Star Fighter 3do iso Special Features:
• 45 objective-based missions, 3D rendered terrain and structures, variety of weapons, moves, and enemies, multiple camera angels

A great game where you can blow lots of things up. The graphics are great and the music is great (most of the time). The only thing that Star Fighter suffers from is a tough learning curve on control.

Wing Commander 33do game3d Star Fighter

Finally run out of patiance un bought Start Fighter FULL GAME on eBay - dumped it as a 3DO iso and now sharing the ISO with you. One of the best underrated 3DO games if you ask me, and so far only the DEMO version iso was available on the net.

emule3DO STAR FIGHTER iso download

In the package you get the ISO + CUE File + 3DO FreeDO Emulator + BIOS
So you can play it on PC, or if you are lucky to have a working 3DO burn it and play for REAL ;)

Star Fighter is one of my favorite 3DO games. If you ask me to name the rest:
1. The Need for Speed - the one and only true driving simulator game - rest of NFS are arcade
2. Wing Commander 3 - real interactive Si-Fi movie / game
3. Road Rash - 3D Driving + fighting + great music and videos
4. Star Fighter- 3D flight simulator (arcade) over land with EVERYTHING destructable - even the land...
5. Return Fire - Multiplayer is the best part.
And in no particular order AD&D: DeathKeep - Dungeons and Dragons in 3 Dimensions, BattleSport - 3D one or 2-player futuristic battle sport , Blade Force - flying, shooting 3D game, FIFA International Soccer or as Europeans call it Football , Foes of Ali - boxing , Gex - the definitive platformer / mario / sonic alternative , Killing Time - Doom like thriller with built-in live action video ghosts , Lucienne's Quest - nice little 3D RPG game - wish we had more like this on 3DO, Road & Track Presents: The Need for Speed - arguably the best NFS game of all times, Phoenix 3 - platformer parts sux but the space flight / fight rulez , Psychic Detective - Interactive Video / Game , Return Fire - 2-player death match game #1 for 3DO , Road Rash - supercharged version with loads of fun videos and fantastic soundtrack , Shock Wave 2: Beyond the Gate - on the rails space fighter like Star Fox, Space Hulk: Vengeance of Blood Angels - FPS / Strategy game - gets fun if you can get over the dated graphics, Star Control II - one of the best space/strategy games , Star Fighter - 3DO at it's best 3D , Super Street Fighter II Turbo - you know what this is :) , Way of the Warrior - good stylish fighting game, Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger - Origins: "We Create Worlds" masterpiece ... etc.

Star Fighter 3DO Game Cheat Codes

Additional lives
When down to a one or two lives, press X while in the statistics screen to return to the Main Menu. Leave the game in the Main Menu and allow the credits and high scores to be displayed. Let the demo mode start and cycle several times. Note, this may take 15-30 minutes. Save the game and start a mission. The game will continue with a few more lives. Use this procedure with caution, as your ship's engine, shields, control, and laser strength may be changed after the additional lives are added.

An extra life is also awarded when your point total reaches 250,000, 500,000, 750,000, or 1,000,000.

Cheat mode
Cheat mode is enabled through the "Configure" option from the main menu. Select the "Enter Player Name" option from the configure menu. Enter COFFEE_N_PICKLE as a name (note the two spaces). Select the "Enter Player Name" option again. The phrase "CHEAT NOW" will appear at the bottom of the name entry screen to confirm correct code entry. The game will now accept one of the following names to activate various cheats. More than one code can be active at one time.

Display hidden bonuses
Platform: 3DO
Enable the "Cheat mode" code. Enter SHOW_ME (note the single space) as a player name. Hidden bonuses in the game will be displayed.

Hint saving the game
To save a game after completing a level, press X when the mission selection screen is displayed. The Options screen will appear, allowing the game to be saved.

Platform: 3DO
Enable the "Cheat mode" code. Enter DANIEL_DEFOE (note the single space) as a player name. A ship with full armaments and capabilities will be available. Note that the ship does not have wing pods and does not resemble a true Megaship. However, unlike a true Megaship the enhanced ship will be permanent.

Mission select
Platform: 3DO
Enable the "Cheat mode" code. Enter ROGER_THE_CAT (note the two spaces) as a player name. Any mission within a pyramid may be selected for game play. Press LS when a mission is highlighted to mark it as completed.

Pyramid select
Platform: 3DO
Enable the "Cheat mode" code. Enter WAG as a player name. A new option labeled "SELECT LEVEL" will appear on the main menu below "NEW GAME". This will allow selection of a specific pyramid for game play.

Some more 3DO iso games that You should take a look at are: Night Trap , Snowjob, Policenauts, The Horde, Twisted, Shockwave, Guardian War, Wolfenstein 3D, Canon Fodder, Escape from Monster Manor, Samurai Showdown, Bust a Move, Madden, FIFA.

emuleDownload 3DO iso STAR FIGHTER

alternative download from EmuParadise.org or the ISO Zone.com


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