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In October 1977, the Atari 2600 Video Computer System was released in USA, and the concept of videogames would be changed forever. The Atari CX2600 was a cartridge-based system that could be connected to any regular TV set. Approach later copied by Ninteno NES, SEGA aster System and many others. Unlike the Magnavox Odyssey, Atari Video Pong and other stand-alone consoles, users of the Atari 2600 weren't stuck with the pre-set selection of games built in to the machine. They could play the newest games on the market without purchasing a whole new game system.

At the core of the Stella system was a 1.19 Mhz, 8-bit microprocessor, and the machine was given a mere 128 bytes of RAM in order to keep costs down. Included with the original Atari 2600 were two CX40 joysticks, one set of CX30 paddle controllers, an AC adapter, a TV/game switch and a Combat game cartridge. The other eight games available at the time of the system's release were Air-Sea Battle, Basic Math, Blackjack, Indy 500, Star Ship, Street Racer, Surround and Video Olympics.

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Over the years, Atari released a variety of Atari 2600 peripherals to extend the system's capabilities - keyboard controllers for a few games such as A Game of Concentration and Basic Programming, a touch pad for Star Raiders, driving controllers for Indy 500, a trackball for games like Centipede and Crystal Castles, and a kid's controller for its Sesame Street series of games. A computer module add-on was announced but never released. The initial price tag of the Atari 2600 was $199.95, quite expensive for its time, and Warner did not make much of a profit on the system. But they knew that the real money was in the selling of new game cartridges.

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In 1979, game called Space Invaders set the arcades on fire. Atari bough the licensing rights from the Taito Corporation, and in January 1980, the Atari 2600 version of Space Invaders debuted in the USA Atari's system became an overnight sensation. This success was followed with more translations of arcade games including Asteroids, Missile Command, Berzerk and a tremendously popular version of Pac-Man. To cash in on the popularity of hit movies Raiders of the Lost Ark and E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial were released. Download 3do roms & 3do isos games emulator for gba atari emulator iso emulator 3do games download atari 2600 emulator for gba atari roms free atari emulator.

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Competition inevitably entered the scene, vying for a piece of the highly lucrative video game market opened up by Atari. Activision beginning in 1981 unveiled a number of superb games, such as Pitfall!, Freeway and Kaboom!. By 1983, the large number of sub-par games being released, as well as competition from the ColecoVision and Intellivison began to take its toll on the Atari 2600. Soon, the entire industry collapsed, and the Atari 2600 made way for the success of Nintendo's NES in 1985. In the late '80s, Atari made an unsuccessful attempt to relaunch the Atari 2600. Along with new games like Solaris and Midnight Magic, the decade-old system was repackaged into a sleeker, more compact shell and marketed with the tag-line "The Fun is Back." Although it was priced at a mere $49, the Atari 2600 was no match for the enormous popularity of the NES or even the Sega Master System, and once again Atari's workhorse faded into video game history

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My Favorite 3DO Emulator CD-ROM / iso games

in no particular order: The Need for Speed - arguably the best NFS game of all times, Phoenix 3 - platformer parts sux but the space flight / fight rulez , Psychic Detective - Interactive Video / Game , Return Fire - 2-player death match game #1 for 3DO iso, Road Rash - supercharged version with loads of fun videos and fantastic soundtrack , Shock Wave 2: Beyond the Gate - on the rails space fighter like Star Fox, Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger - Origins: "We Create Worlds" masterpiece, Space Hulk: Vengeance of Blood Angels - FPS / Strategy game - gets fun if you can get over the dated graphics, AD&D: DeathKeep - Dungens and Dragons in 3 Dimensions, BattleSport - 3D one or 2-player futuristic battle sport , Blade Force - flying, shooting 3D iso game, FIFA International Soccer or as Europeans call it Football , Foes of Ali - boxing , Gex - the definitive platformer / mario / sonic alternative , Killing Time - Doom like thriller with built-in live action video ghosts , Road & Track Presents: Star Control II - one of the best space/strategy games , Star Fighter - 3DO Multiplayer at it's best 3D performance, Super Street Fighter II Turbo - you know what this is :) , Way of the Warrior - good stylish fighting game, Lucienne's Quest - nice little 3D RPG game - wish we had more like this on 3DO ... etc.


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